V8 Spares


Dyson V6/V7/V8/10/V11 plush strips (fluffy head / soft roller)

If the strips that seal your cleaner head has worn, you can now easily replace them. Ensure you remove the old strips and all the adhesive (tweezers work best)These new strips come with strong adhesive already applied. Simply pull the backing off as you apply. Do not pull the backing off all in one go as you may get it stuck to itself.Note that some of the material will need to go inside the head like on the original part.You will receive enough to complete the repair to one fluffy head. This will only fit models stated in the title and only for the head that uses a soft roller. Please see the photo for the head it fits and the parts you will receive (no complete head unit is supplied - only the strips) 


Dyson V7/V8 Post HEPA Filter

Dyson charge £22 + £3 postage for their filter. We however can offer you this great after-market alternative for only £8.99 delivered!Will fit all V8 models of vacuums. It will also fit all V7 vacuums that use a HEPA filter. We also sell this as a kit with the pre filter, please see below