DC58 Spares

The DC58 is similar to the DC59 & V6. The main difference being that it was not sold with a lance/pole or a cleaner head. This means it was only designed for using as a handheld vacuum only. However you can if you wish buy the parts needed to turn it into a stick vacuum. All DC58 parts fit the same, the only difference will be the colours.  

Dyson DC58 DC59 V6 V7 V8 Vacuum Cleaner Charger

*PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT IT IS YOUR CHARGER THAT IS AT FAULT AND NOT SOMETHING ELSE. IF YOU ARE UNSURE THEN PLEASE MESSAGE US BEFORE ORDERING*This is a high quality after market part that will fit all versions of the DC58, DC59, V6, V7, V8 models. Unlike other chargers ours fit in the docking station like the original 


Dyson DC58/DC59/V6/V7/V8 Pre Motor Filter

This is a high quality after-market part and offers a great cost saving alternative to genuine. The filter is located at the top of the cyclone. We also stock and sell the post filters (if your machine uses one) Filters are fully washable. At this price you can buy a couple and keep one as a spare while the other is dryingThe internet can be a blessing and a curse at the same time for a business, however when we sell a filter for £6 and someone else is selling it for £1.50 with free delivery from China, you really do have to ask yourself what quality you are buying, just because they look the same does not mean they will perform or last the same. Our parts are priced on quality and the face to face customer service we can provide, we do however keep our prices as low and we can.



This is the main motor and is in full working order. Item has been fully inspected and cleaned. As a used item, some signs of previous use may be visible, this does not affect performance.Will fit all versions of the DC58, DC59 & V6 models. Please note that if your machine has a post motor hepa filter, then this can still fit your machine. You will just not have a HEPA filter attachment. This can be swapped, however we would not be liable for any damage you may cause to this part, or your machine.