Service & Repairs

Is your vacuum cleaner not working as it should? Maybe it is pushing the pet hair along the floor rather than pick it up. Or maybe there is an unusual smell? What ever the vacuum problem, let the professional team at BB Dyson Specialist Ltd look after you. Read below what we can offer and choices available.

Free Vacuum Health Checks

Quite often people put off having their machine looked at or repaired for the worry of what it may cost to even diagnose the fault. We want your experience with us to be worry free, that is why we offer a free vacuum health check. Simply pop your machine into us and we will gladly take a look at it for you, we try to do this while you wait. If it requires further investigation, we will book the machine in for this to be carried out….. still no charge! Once we know the fault, we will give you a quote on what it will cost for us to fix it, you can then either go ahead with the repair, or decide to leave it. If you decide to leave the repair, we will still not charge you for the health check…….after all it is free.

Example of costs

Costs below relate to Dyson repairs, other manufacture costs may be different.

New lead fitted – £20 inc VAT (This is a 10m highest quality after-market lead)

Standard Dyson Motor kit – £79 inc VAT (High quality 1600w External toc motor, with a new set of high quality after-market filters)

Standard Belts fitted – £5 inc VAT (Pack of 2, belts are made using American rubber, when your 2nd belt needs fitting bring it to us where we will do it free of charge)

Corded Service – £35 inc VAT (The machine is fully stripped, we, unlike some, fully strip the cyclone. We then clean all the parts before rebuilding your vacuum. All blockages, airways and channels are cleared. All electrics are fully checked for safety, we carry out a PAT test after completion. Due to the nature and the industrial equipment we use, we cannot service your machine in your home.

Cordless Service – £25 inc VAT (same as corded service)

Minor repairs – Quite often we have a vacuum that comes in that only needs a small part or quick repair. It is not uncommon for us to turn round and ask for a few quid to be put into one of our charity collection tins instead. You get a low cost repair, the charity gets some money and we feel happy knowing we have done good. If we do charge a customer for a minor repair it can be anywhere from £5 to £15.

Warranty On Repairs

All repairs and parts fitted come with an 12 month warranty provided by us. Consumable parts like belts & filters are not covered under the warranty, we do however try to look after the customer where possible.

Genuine VS After-Market VS Recycled

Now when it comes to having your machine repaired there is a wide choice of what parts we can use. Genuine parts of course are the best of the best, however they can sometimes be costly. After-market parts are a great way to get a new part at less cost. However the market today is filled with High quality parts and cheap & cheerful parts. We only use the best after-market parts available, we often get asked to try parts before they get released on the market, and we only approve the best.

The internet can be a blessing and a curse at the same time for a business, however when we sell a filter for £6 and someone else is selling it for £1.50 with free delivery from China, you really do have to ask yourself what quality you are buying, just because they look the same does not mean they will perform or last the same. Our parts are priced on quality and the face to face customer service we can provide, we do however keep our prices as low and we can.

Recycled parts are a great way to get a Genuine item, that fully works without paying the “new” price tag. We process over 4,000 machines a year, not all of them can be refurbished into complete machines though. We therefore inspect all left over parts, they are then fully cleaned and put on the shelf to be sold. Not only will a recycled part save you money, but it will also help the environment, plus, any recycled part we fit, comes with a 12 month warranty as if it was new. The BB Dyson technician will discuss the best options with you in relation to what parts to fit.

Bogus Engineers

We do not cold call customers offering services. There are companies that do this, they imply they are from Dyson, when in fact they are not. Quite often they will say something like “Servicing is normally £35, but we have an engineer in the area that can do it for £15”. Quite often though, these companies fit parts that are not needed and charge more than the RRP. We have had some customers even pay over £150 for their vacuum repair, when we could have sold them the same model for £79 with a 1 year warranty. We are a bricks and mortar company.