DC28c Spares

Dyson DC28c DC39 Cyclone Gasket

If you have noticed a drop in suction, or that the pre filter is getting dirty quickly, it may be a sign that your cyclone gasket has failed. Over time the gasket in your cyclone can develop holes and split, especially if being used for DIY work. While it may look like other gaskets, this will only fit the models DC28c & DC39


Dyson DC28c DC39 Pre Motor Washable Filter

This filter is the one located inside the cyclone. While your filter is washable, over time they may deteriorate. Which is why it is best to replace them when they do. Also keeping a spare is always handy.This is a high quality after-market part that is a great alternative to the Genuine version. Will fit all versions of the DC28c and the DC39 vacuums. While it may look like other filters, it will only fit the models stated.