G-tech Spares

Gtech AirRam Power Switch AR01, AR02, AR03, AR05, AR09, AR20, AR29, AR30, K9 MK2

This switch will fit the following models:AR01, AR02, AR03, AR05, AR09, AR20, AR21, AR29, AR30, K9, K9 Mk2, DM001We have been using these switches for years in both our refurbished machines and Gtech repairs. We stand by their quality.We will not simply sell a poor quality item to match on price. We instead sell top quality items at a fair price. Just because they look the same, do not mean they are the same high quality as ours.There are plenty of guides online on installing the switch. The item does need soldering, so please only buy if you are a competent solder user. If you are having the following issues; machine will not turn on, machine will not turn off, machine button has to be pushed a few times to work, or you have to push really hard. These are all good indications that the switch is at fault. 


GTECH AirRam Vacuum Cleaner Metal Drive Cog Shaft Spindle & Bearings

GTECH AIRRAM Drive Cog This is the upgraded version that is made with metal, this means that you should not have to replace this part again (unlike the old white cog)Comes with a packet of grease that must be used during fitting.Fits :AR01, AR02, AR03,AR05 DM001AR09 *Please Note* Due to being a metal cog the machine may sound louder compared to a nylon cog, however this out weighs the the fact that it will last longer.FITSMODELS: AR01, AR02, AR03,AR05 DM001 AR09