DC14 Spares

Dyson DC03 DC04 DC07 DC14 DC27 DC33 Vacuum Cleaner Clutch Cog & Circlip

*PLEASE ONLY BUY THIS PART IF YOU ARE 100% HAPPY AND SURE WITH WHAT YOU ARE DOING. WE CANNOT ACCEPT RETURNS FOR WRONG FITTING PRACTICES*This part is the white cog complete with a new retaining clip, even if your old one looks good, we would still advise fitting the new clip included.The part is one of the most common parts to wear on the clutch, a new clutch would cost you ?30+ so getting yours fixed is the best and cheapest solution. Make sure that your belts are not stretched, if they are please see below where you can buy a set.The part is 100% compatible with all clutched versions of DC03, DC04, DC07, DC14, DC27 & DC33, there is no way that these cannot fit. Therefore if yours does not fit then we are afraid it will be the fitter at fault and not the part. So please only buy if you are happy to fit yourself or know someone who is happy to fit for you.Part is a non genuine part, names and numbers are used so that you can find the part you need


Dyson DC04 DC07 DC14 DC33 Vacuum Cleaner Internal Hose

This is the small hose located behind the brush housing. They can split over time causing a loss of suction. This is a after-market part that is a great alternative to genuine.Will fit all versions of DC07,DC14 & DC33 models. Will only fit clutched versions of the DC04. If your hose pushes on both ends then this is not the hose for you. This hose pushes on one end and screws on the otherEQUIVALENTTOGENUINEPARTNUMBER: 904219-05


Dyson DC04 DC07 DC14 Vacuum Cleaner Soleplate Baseplate

Over the years the soleplate on the bottom of the machine can wear down, in doing so the machine will stick to the carpet more making it harder to push. The soleplate is easy to replace with only using a 2p coin (10p or 50p will also work if your feeling flush)This is a high quality alternative to Genuine.Will fit all DC04 DC07 & DC14 vacuums that do not use a clutch. If your brushbar on your DC04/07/14 is round then this will fit. If it is flat and twisted; this will not fit.


Dyson DC07 DC14 Vacuum Cleaner Hepa Filter

While Dyson state the HEPA filter is a lifetime filter, this only relates to the expected lifespan of the machine. So if yours has never been replaced, now would be a good time.Also if you have allergies there is no harm in replacing this filter sooner. This filter will fit all DC07 & DC14 vacuum cleaners. If your filter was a white (grey after few years use) then you can replace it with this filter.This filter may not be a genuine Dyson filter, but it is made to the same quality. 


Dyson DC07/DC14 Post White Filter Pad

This is the white filter pad located above the motor (under the clear bin). Yours may not look white, may be a grey/black colour from the years of motor carbon dust. These filters are not designed to be washed, which is why they are best to be replaced. If your filter is a thick plastic filter then you will need the HEPA filter that can be found below


Dyson DC14 HEPA Filter Kit

Dyson no longer make these filters, however we are able to offer you these great after-market alternatives. These filters will fit all versions of the DC14 vacuums.Now yours may have a white/grey filter above the motor, the purple filter in this kit replaces that filter and offers a better filtration. However, if you would like to keep the same filter in there we also sell them in a kit or as a separate itemKit contains:1 x Pre Motor Filter (Yellow casing and blue sponge)1 x HEPA filter


Dyson DC14 HEPA Filter Kit

Dyson no longer make these filters, however we are able to offer you these great after-market alternatives. These filters will fit all versions of the...