About Us

We are BB Dyson Specialist Ltd, a vacuum cleaner centre located in Holbeach, Lincolnshire. We are a true family run business

we are a family run business with a very strong commitment to serving our customers 100% correct 100% of the time.

In 2006 we started from home (like most businesses) selling used dyson vacuums. This was only a part time venture to bring in some spare revenue for the holiday spending, just as most of us want to do.

After a short time it was apparent that we had found a local demand for supplying good clean used dyson’s at a fraction of new cost. Further to this we offered servicing and supplying used parts to diy’ers that wanted to carry out their own repairs to save money.

Very soon it became obvious that we needed to set up a business working from home to supply demand full time.

Craig and Ashley Bulbrook had an early hunger for working for themselves, mainly as they did not like being told what to do on a daily basis, especially by their father.

Working from home full time the two brothers started what they thought was just a work for myself scenario earning their own money and not being told what to do. Little did they know that the small fledgling business would grow to a known local brand on a large scale.

After a few years and needing guidance it was agreed Robert the father would join the business and with wife karen doing the books through previous training a milestone was set.

Now BB Dyson was born with four family members at the helm the business was set to grow further. With the acquisition of business premises totaling over 6,000 square feet and with free off road customer parking for 50 cars. We are also:

Approved Sebo Dealers

Approved Hoover Dealers

Numatic Agents

Miele Agents