DC05 Spares

Dyson DC05/DC02 Replacement Extension Wand/lance/pole/tube

*Please note* That due to wear on the head the pole may seem a little loose however the suction from the machine will keep it in place. Will fit all versions of the Dyson DC02 vacuums, will also fit all DC05 models apart from the Motorhead model which has an electric driven headIts not uncommon for the top of the DC05 wand/pole/lance to eventually crack after many years use. While no 100% fix is available, we do believe this to be the best solution to keep your machine going.The handle from your hose will fit into the top of the wand, and the head unit will push into the bottom of the pole. The pole features an easy to use extension grip, much like the original Dyson one (not like the cheaper small push button designs)The pole length is 60-98cm