DC33 Spares

Dyson DC33 HEPA Filter Post Motor

This is a after-market filter and is a great alternative to the Genuine Dyson one. This filter will fit all versions of the DC33 vacuums. Despite looking like other filters this will only fit the DC33 models.The filter is located under the clear plastic door above the motor. It is fully washable, but must be dry before being put back into the machine. At this price why not get two so that you can still use your machine while the other filter is drying. If you want the pre filter we sell that on its own, or you can buy both filters in a kit and save even more money. Find both below


Dyson DC33 Main Flexible Rear Hose

This is the main hose located at the back of the machine, the one that the wand slides down. The hose has been designed and manufactured to be as good as a genuine part. Buying this after-market part saves you money compared to the genuine.Will fit all versions of the DC33 vacuums*PLEASE NOTE: WHILE THIS MAY LOOK LIKE HOSES ON OTHER MODELS, IT WILL ONLY FIT THE DC33. IT WILL NOT FIT OTHER MODELS, ESPECIALLY THE DC25 & DC27*