DC33 Spares

Compatible for Dyson DC04/07/14/33 Clutched Brush Bar & Belt Service Kit

Compatible Clutch Brush bar which include Clutch Belts SPECIAL ORDER ITEM. (Special order parts will take us 1-5 Working days to get into stock, from here they will then be sent tracked 24hr)What is Compatible?This is a high-quality compatible alternative product. It is designed to provide you with an alternative working solution to the genuine original equivalent. This alternative choice is reflected in all our compatible parts Listed. Offering you a cost saving product against the original product. All manufactures names and numbers used are for reference purposesBRAND NEW


Dyson DC04/07/14/33 Head Assembly Roller Lock Inc Spring

After years of use and folding down on the footplate these can wear and eventually just fall out. Instead of replacing just the wheel we find it better to replace the whole piece, this eliminates any possibility that the roller lock joint has also worn, which would result in replacement wheel just dropping out.This item also includes the spring This item is only suitable for the above Clutched ModelsPlease see other listings for Clutch less Version (carpet only models)


Dyson DC33 HEPA Filter Post Motor

This is a after-market filter and is a great alternative to the Genuine Dyson one. This filter will fit all versions of the DC33 vacuums. Despite looking like other filters this will only fit the DC33 models.The filter is located under the clear plastic door above the motor. It is fully washable, but must be dry before being put back into the machine. At this price why not get two so that you can still use your machine while the other filter is drying. If you want the pre filter we sell that on its own, or you can buy both filters in a kit and save even more money. Find both below


Dyson DC33 Main Flexible Rear Hose

This is the main hose located at the back of the machine, the one that the wand slides down. The hose has been designed and manufactured to be as good as a genuine part. Buying this after-market part saves you money compared to the genuine.Will fit all versions of the DC33 vacuums*PLEASE NOTE: WHILE THIS MAY LOOK LIKE HOSES ON OTHER MODELS, IT WILL ONLY FIT THE DC33. IT WILL NOT FIT OTHER MODELS, ESPECIALLY THE DC25 & DC27*


Dyson On/Off Switch for various models featured below

Genuine Dyson Reclaimed On/Off switch for the following models DC03DC04DC05DC07DC08DC14DC15DC19DC33Due to stock colour of switch might vary, however it will still do the same job and work the sameThis is a 2 prong switch that will work with most of the Dyson vacuums (not DC01, DC02 or cordless machines)The photo shows a BAR Switch however as these are sent at random due to stock you might receive a black or Brown switch insteadWhile this is a used part it has been fully tested by our engineers.


Genuine Dyson DC33 Vacuum Cleaner Pre Filter For all DC33 Models USED BUT CLEAN

GENUINE Dyson DC33 Vacuum Cleaner Pre Filter USED BUT CLEANHelp us to make a U-turn On wasting Plastic by Buying Good Reclaimed Genuine Parts From BB Dyson Specialists. We have thousands of used parts Available. Further more you will save money compared to buying a new After market Part. We are doing our bit for the Environment and by buying from us you'll be doing your part to.This is a Genuine pre filter that has been fully checked and cleaned by us. This will fit all versions of the Dyson DC33Please note that the filter has been fully cleaned and offer great value for money. ShippingDelivery time:Please allow 3-5 working days for your item to arriveIf you would like this item quicker, Please select faster postage at the checkout.PaymentPayment needs to be made at time of purchase. Delay in payment will delay the dispatch of your itemPlease contact us if you have any questions.DisclaimerIf you are unsure this item will fit your model please contact us first *PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A GENUINE DYSON ITEM THAT HAS BEEN FULLY INSPECTED AND CLEANED*Contact UsWe can be contacted at any time through eBay messages if you have any questions, comments or product requests. We will respond to you within 24 hours and do our best to help you out! We encourage our customers to contact us with any questions or concerns! We'd like to be sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase



RECLAIMED GENUINE DYSON INTERNAL HOSE FITS DC04, DC07, DC14, DC33 MODELSA genuine reclaimed part works and lasts better than a cheaper pattern new part.This is the hose that connects to the brush housing on the DC04. This will only fit DC04 models that do not have a clutch (dial on the side of the foot plate so that you can turn the brush on/off) Mostly Green Grey/ Blue Grey ModelsIf you have any of the above models DC07-DC14-DC33 there is no difference on model. All 3 take the above Interal hose.If your old hose is a one piece hose, this hose will not fit your machine, but we do have those as well.


Genuine Dyson Reclaimed plastic Soleplate Screws x3

These Soleplate Screws hold your Soleplate on your Dyson to the Brush housing on the bottom of your vacuum, These fit across multiple Models, These push into place once you have removed previous worn out screw. Reason for replacing is if undone the wrong way or years of use can wear the undo point and become harder to take off when you are needing to remove the soleplate.These are available in silver or yellow, please contact us before you purchase if you are after a certain colour as these sets are sent at random.


Genuine Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Clutch Complete DC04 DC07 DC14 DC27 DC33 900252-04

This clutch will fit all clutched versions of DC04 DC07 DC14 DC33 Dyson vacuums. (Excludes DC04 Zorbster model)The clutch has been fully stripped and refurbished. It has had a new White Cog and a new set of belts. The belts fitted are made to the same specification as the original.As this has been fully refurbished it will work just as good as a new oneBRAND NEW PARTS RECLAIMED CLUTCH UNIT


Good Quality New Compatible Dyson soleplate wheel Kit to fit below Models

This is a great Cost saving Way to save your soleplate from being replaced altogether which in turn will be more costlyMost commonly we find that soleplates require replacing because the 5 wheels on the bottom of the soleplate have seized up and worn flat resulting in either a heavy static black tar from your carpet rubbing on your soleplate or the soleplate has been worn away by the surface of your carpet. Generally this takes at least 3 years to do this (unless new carpet has been laid within that time). So if your machine is older then 3 years we recommend looking at your soleplate and check all 5 wheels are in good order (No flat spots and can be turned by your finger) if they do not turn or are flat than this wheel kit is for you.This wheel kit will only fit the following Clutch Version Machines:Dyson Dc04Dyson DC07Dyson DC14Dyson DC33Dyson DC27This wheel Kit will contain:5 x Wheels5 x Axels


Reclaimed Dyson DC33 Cyclone Handle Top

Reclaimed Dyson DC33 Cyclone HandleAvailable in White, Purple, Red or YellowThe exterior of this item has been cleaned and shined. The interior has been wiped over but not cleaned due to this being hidden when fixed on to the cyclone.The cyclone is not included in this purchase, The above images are for illustration only to give a representation of the colour you might receive.These are sent at random due to stock but if you pick one we will aim to send your ideal pick if available.