Dyson DC04/07/14 Wheel Kit Assembly

Dyson DC04/07/14 Wheel Kit Assembly

After years of use. the wheels on your vacuum cleaner can become worn and lose around the axel rod. And after lifting up your vacuum cleaner and placing it back down again over time if you are rough with it the axel rod it's self can bend causing the machine hard to push. if you are experiencing one of these issues then our wheel Replacement kit is just for you. Simple and easy to replace, The wheel replacement kit will include the following:

2x Wheel End Caps 

(Colour will vary on every order, These are added at the end )

2x c-clips

(These are what hold the Wheels in place on the axel and are added 4th once the wheels are on)

2x Genuine Dyson DC07 Reclaimed Wheels 

(if you have DC04 wheels the DC07 are much stronger and tougher which is why we use these. Random colour will be sent but most common colour sent out is silver or grey, These go on 3rd after the washers)

2x Washers

(These go on the axel 2nd before the wheel is put on)

1x Axel Rod 

(Axel rod goes through the chassis 1st)

If you build the wheel kit in order as written in description you should do just fine, but if not basic instructions are given. 

Why buy New when you can buy Reclaimed and save. Item will be sent out tracked Royal Mail.

If you can't find the Vacuum part you are looking for, send us a message and let us look for it for you. We have thousands of reclaimed parts instore. And not everything is uploaded to our page yet. So if we are missing something let us know so we can get it added for you.


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